Women on the Rise Award

On Friday, August 22, 2020, Women on the Rise was proud to present our first-ever award to 3 hardworking youth members.  The Women on the Rise awards were given in collaboration with Comité Jeunesse NDG and was created in recognition of our youth's determination in the face of adversity, and celebration of new beginnings.  Kevisha Williams has been a longtime member of Comite Jeunesse NDG and will be attending university this fall.  Jaylen Noah Allen and Dellon Thomas Baker have been attending Women on the Rise programming their whole lives, and will be beginning their first year of high school!  Our intention with the award was to support these individuals during a time of significant transition and to champion how far they have already come to be where they are today.  It was important to us to also highlight the devotion and sacrifice of the 3 single mums that raised them!  It was a beautiful day and we wish our students only the best as they explore what the future holds for them.  Congratulations!

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