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Smart Start - Early Education Program:

Women on The Rise (WOR) has developed a unique Early Childhood Education program which benefits the needs of the children and the mothers in a holistic manner. Our teaching practices encourage curiosity, develop autonomy and expose the children to new wonders of the world in a playful manner. Our curriculum is based on Quebec’s Joeux C’est Magique Program, a curriculum which emphasizes learning through play and is a popular education guidance tool used in daycares across Quebec and Ontario. As educators we have adapted our curriculum to apply to our multi-age classroom which is organized to stimulate the natural diversity within the group. Our objectives in this type of environment is to provide a place where children are free to explore different learning opportunities, develop social skills, explore their emotions, and securely separate from their parents. Using an evaluative tool, we work on the individual needs of each child to ensure a positive and successful transition into preschool or kindergarten.

With a daily average of 6 children and an outstanding 18 children to visit the classroom throughout the year, WOR’s ECE program is proving to be a beneficial success to our organization with plenty of room for growth.

Workshops are essential to educators to keep ideas fresh and stimulating. This year we received the opportunity to participate in various educational workshops.

The workshops:

  • Implementing French in an Allophone settings
  • Strengthening Families
  • Communicating with parents


  • Projet Contact: Mirelle would come and read to the mothers and children in French.
  • Little Buda: A volunteer Yoga enthusiast, Brigitte Skeene taught yoga to the children in a fun child friendly way.
  • Music with Anne-Marie: Once a week a volunteer comes to sing and teach the children Rhythm and notes
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