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Nutrition Counts:

Nutrition Counts is a pre-employability program. Twice a week four mothers are assigned to prepare the meals. This program provides a nutritious meals that serves 40 families. The goal of the program has two folds; it teaches the mothers how to prepare nutritious meals for their families on a limited budget. It also allows the mothers to develop skills by learning how to work as a team, cook for a large group, prepares them for employment and good work ethics.

Preparation of meals: Once a week fresh food is purchased from local food stores.The mothers meet with Giffonne ( parent animator) once a week to discuss menus.

  • The weekly flyers are reviewed for good deals.
  • Once a month the mothers take turn introducing new fruits & vegetables to the group.
  • In order to reach a wider diversified group we also cook Halal chicken and gluten free meals.

    Our partnerships & funding: Ville de Montreal (Ville-MSSS 2016-2017).

  • Generation Foundation: Once a month we receive snack & food for the families.
  • Moisson Montreal: Enhances the Nutrition Counts Program and has allowed us to do food distribution once per month. This year we prepared 220 baskets.


    This year we have two moms who have graduated from our pre-employability program. One mother has found employment in a nursing home and the other has moved on to culinary school to become a chef.

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