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Our goal is to provide respite to young families of 2-5 years old and build a solid and positive foundation for each child.

We aim to develop the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development of the child by :
  • Encouraging learning to play both independently and in groups;

  • Providing experiences that allow the child to build a positive self-esteem and to boosting autonomy;

  • Easing separation for school readiness;

  • Encouraging sharing and cooperation;

  • Facilitating a plurilingual reading program;

  • Building awareness of community resources;

  • Offering one freshly cooked hot meal.

  • Targeted clientele

  • Allophone families

  • Vulnerable families

  • Single parents

  • Newly landed immigrants

  • Number of families reached this year: 13
    Number of kids who attended the program: 17
    Number of volunteers: 6

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