Individual support and referrals:  Our team offers one on one time via phone and in person, as well as occasional accompaniments to government agencies and court. Whether mothers need support with surviving abuse, housing, children with special needs or integration challenges, finding work or returning to school, our team is there with a warm welcome and lists of resources.

The Parenting Program is a support-group that meets twice a week for mothers with children between the age of 0 to 5 years old. Hands on workshops, one-on-one counselling, networking and skills exchange provide a platform for empowering members to confidently navigate parenting and more.  Workshops vary week to week, and may focus on:

-Exercise, workout and dance

-Health and wellbeing

-Housing and rental rights and obligations

-Security: personal, internet, fraud & environmental

-Implementing French in an Allophone setting

-Strengthening families and relationships through communication

-Job opportunities or going back to school

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