Our Services

Welcome to Women on the Rise!

At Women on the Rise, we welcome mothers from all walks of life to get together and learn from one another.  Our motto is ‘Helping mothers to help themselves’- we believe in mutual support, developing friendships, and bearing witness to the challenges and successes of all our members.  We strive to break isolation and connect women with the resources and skills they need to feel empowered in their homes and the greater NDG community. 

Our unique approach to childcare ensures that all children are nurtured and celebrated for who they are.   While mothers are participating in programs downstairs, our early childhood educators are caring for the kids upstairs.  Our staff take the time to develop long-term relationships with our regular participants and their families. Our children’s program encourages confidence, creativity and communication and is oriented towards school-readiness.

Come join us for a meal, a workshop, or a cup of coffee during our opening hours if you would like to learn more about what we do.  Regardless of your immigration or economic status, or your family composition, our aim is to meet you where you are at.

On any given day, we are:

  • Supporting women through active listening and service referrals
  • Providing stimulating workshops aimed at promoting self awareness of one’s strengths, potentials & limits, encouraging decision making and incorporating healthy changes
  • Sharing delicious, home-cooked meals together, with an emphasis on cultural cuisine and healthy vegetables Providing an educational, bilingual childcare program that enhances all aspects of child development
  • Encouraging parents to adopt a positive attitude with regard to their children’s education and upbringing. 
  • We recognize the challenges of parenting and we come together to exchange insight in a non-judgmental atmosphere.