Mother’s Testimonials

Women on the Rise has been a great help for me and my children. I started the program about 2 years ago and actually enjoy every moment of it. First I would like to say that brought me to Women on the Rise. What brought me to the program was the Parenting Group. I have learned a lot from the program. One of the most interesting things I have learned is how to deal with difficult children, sitting and listening to other mothers hearing their story sometimes bring me to realize I am not alone! Alsha

“Women on the rise has been a great experience for me and my daughter, it has helped me to get out of the house more often. The parenting program has helped me to understand the difference ways of dealing with kids of different ages and needs. In workshops I hear other parent’s opinion and give my input on what’s going on around us it has also given me a greater understanding of life. The nutrition program is a very good program. The mothers come together and prepare a great meal a very healthy meal. We sit together as a family and eat; it has also allowed me to live a healthier lifestyle.”  – Aisha Gerald (native St. Vincent)

I have found it beneficial to discuss and share our experiences with parenting and trying to apply differing techniques. Our exchanges have resulted in some very interesting problem solving. The clothing exchanges are very helpful between the donations and mothers exchanging with each other it help a lot for dressing the kids. It’s really great to be able to have one good solid nutritious warm home- cooked meal to share with everyone, and learn new ways of preparing food, while adapting to our families special (gluten free) diet needs.  – Victory Hegedus (native Vancouver, BC)

It has been a great experience especially for my son he gets to socialize with other kids and learn new things. As for me they are mothers from different cultures and for those specific days we come as one. We do great workshops and uplift each other mentally. As mothers we need more programs where we can sit, socialize, work as a team and learn different parenting skills. As the old saying – unity is strength a house divided cannot stand.”  – Onika (native Guyana)

“I have come to the WOR with my baby Emma more than one year. The WOR is a nice program just like a big happy family. I like it very much. Every one in the family is very kind and gentle. The program give me so much help for example, it gives my family some food and some cloths for my baby, it gives me a chance to help in the kitchen. Every Monday, I can do something at home by sending my baby Emma in the Time off for mom program. Since my baby Emma is sent here, she knows how to eat by herself, wash her hands before eating lunch. She knows how to speak her first word “No” and express “more” using her hands, play with other kids and she is very happy thanks to WOR! Every Tuesday and Thursday workshop gives me occasion to learn English. Because of these workshops, my knowledge of culture and baby has risen; I know how to save money and how to relax myself. Thanks to the program, my family has gone to pick apples in the apple farm for the first time. Madame Grace helped fill out forms for my citizenship. This program gives me useful information. I like this program; I give thanks to it because it helps my family.” – Can Sun (native China)

“I’ve been coming to Women on the Rise regularly since January 2013. Working in the kitchen and providing snacks for the kids program. After two years of attending the programs and workshops, I was inspired to attend cooking school and College Lasalle. My son also moved onto the college Lasalle daycare program while I was attending school. I have been back to lend a hand in the kitchen from time to time and share what I have learned in school. Now I have moved on to a restaurant management program and my son has graduated daycare and is going to pre-kindergarten at St-Monica. Although we haven’t been around in the last year, my sons still ask for Miss Gemma food and that Nora is still his favorite teacher.” – Genevieve (native Montreal, QC)

Nutrition Counts: I am proud to say as a single parent that my son has always eaten food that I have created from scratch, from bread to baked goods to home cooked meals and everything in between. With all the unnecessary additives found in kids’ snacks, I wanted to bring extra value to WOR nutrition counts program and volunteered my time on Mondays to provide homemade snacks to their children’s program.  Over the course of the last year, I have provided whole wheat bread, cookies, fruit and cheese platters, carrot cakes, banana breads and a whole lot more.  The feedback I have received from the children and adults “This is the best bread ever / this is the best cookie in the world” has given me a confidence in baking that I never had before. I have also inspired others in the program to bake their own goods for their children.  I am proud of what I have accomplished over this past year and I wish to continue perhaps a career in the baking industry.

 WOR Program: I have been attending the WOR program since January 2013. Over the past year I have learned a great deal from the workshops, to the kitchen and from baking the children’s snacks. I have gained confidence as a single parent and as a cook and I greatly appreciate what WOR has provided me and my son Kyan. Kyan loves attending the pre-school and has improved on his social and communicative skills i.e. Learning not to hit and use words. They have provided us with some stability, education and a strong sense of family and community. Genevieve Lamarche

Being at Women on the Rise and participating in the Nutrition Counts Project has helped me to obtain all different skills. I learned how to prepare and arrange various fruits, steam vegetables and make various salads. I now know how to prepare stew chicken make meat loaf, lasagna and many more nutritious meals. I have also learned how to use the grocery flyers and take advantage of all the specials.

I found out at Women on the Rise about a Job Training Program with Emploi Quebec. I was able to enroll in December 2012. I received training in Word Processing, and how to do Job Interviews. I was also trained to be a Dietery Cook.   I then did an 8 week stage at a retirement home as a kitchen helper. I was able to use my skills I had learned at Women on the Rise. The result of my evaluation at the retirement home was excellent.After completing my school programme in May, I was hired by the Waldry Retirement Home to work part time as a Dietary Cook.

Thanks to Women on the Rise I am able to have a career as a Dietary Cook.  This has now inspired me to return to school to a stronger career. Stacey Dunbar


Testimonials, May 2020:

Amanda Benn:

Good day!!

I’m taking the moment to show gratitude to WOR because I have learned how to be open to receive support. I am solo parenting and being amongst other mothers and hearing their stories has relieved me from a lot of stress. There were times my back was against the wall and I was provided with meals and groceries to get me through.

The 2019 holidays was the first time I decorated my home and got into the spirit in years. All the holiday joy, decoration donations, the potluck party we had lifted my spirits and reminded me what it’s like when the village comes together.

Coming to WOR got me into the habit of being around people and I look forward to being in the company of others.

The fact that during the pandemic the organization was still checking on us and supporting us with information, and donations truly show how dedicated they are along with the sponsors and donors, and for that, I continue to pray for and show gratitude to everyone involved.

Please continue to support this organization. In a world that can get oppressing, this is one of the few genuine places for women of all nationalities to come together to be women, mothers, and nation builders.

Yours Truly

Amanda Benn

Bárbara De Oliveira :

I went through very difficult times financially and now to the serious work and dedication of Madame Grece and her wonderful team who were always ready to help «always» We overcome the difficult times.

I am a single mother and I congratulate this serious and determined organism in helping people in many ways.

Thank you l’Envol des Femmes pour votre travail.

Bárbara De Oliveira



It really is amazing that there’s a platform out here helping us. You invested your time, money, goodwill, and safety without expecting anything in return. From the gift cards to food items, to gatherings, moral support, groceries, dance classes, etc you’ve created an environment of LOVE♥️ for me and my boy.

Thank you so much! stay safe and be BLESSED!🥰♥️